Poly Glossary

I’ll keep a running list of my definitions of poly terms I use for you to refer to if you’re unfamiliar with terms within the polyamorous community. For a more extensive list, check out this poly glossary.

CNM/Consensual Non-Monogamy – Any arrangement of non-monogamy where all parties are aware and consenting

Compersion – The happiness of knowing your partner is enjoying their relationship with another partner

Frubble – Another word for compersion

FWB/Friends with Benefits – A mostly sex-based relationship

Harem – The word I use to refer to all of the guys I’m in varying kinds of relationships with. This does not have any other BDSM or other connotation in this context.

NRE/New Relationship Energy – The excited, overwhelming feeling of a new developing relationship

Primary/Secondary – Hierarchical terms I try to avoid, but nevertheless are sometimes convenient. “Primary” is a more traditional/couple-centric relationship (though there can always be more than one primary). Secondary is a step above FWB, where there is the loving component, but less significant than a “primary.”

SO/Significant Other – A fairly serious partner

Swingers/Swinging – Consensual non-monogamy, more focused on sex than love

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