Update on Life

I have had a very crazy 6 weeks to say the least. Throughout though (minus about 48 hours), I’ve been able to be honestly quite happy and optimistic.


Six weeks ago, I was fired because I “wasn’t a good fit.” Yeah, I didn’t really like it much either, but it would have been nice if I could stick around a little longer while I looked for jobs.


About 2 hours after I was fired, I sprained my foot playing tennis with my boyfriend. We squished me and my bike into his small car and he drove me home. I couldn’t walk at all for a couple days…so I guess it was good that I was fired. I was limping for a couple weeks, but I’m cautiously back into sports now. 🙂


I went on a week-long vacation with my family, and then 1.5 weeks later, my mom came to visit for a week.


My boyfriend broke up with me 3 days after I got back from vacation. I kept wanting to blog about it, but I never really knew what to say. The first two days were horrible, not to mention the two days leading up to the date where I feared it might be coming. I cried a lot. But after about 24 hours, we started texting again. That made me feel a lot better. It felt really weird having him out of my life – playing doubles tennis had obviously fallen through due to my persisting limp, but what about the vacation we were going to take together? What about going with him to adopt a cat and watching him love my new kitty like he loved me?

After a couple days, I got more and more used to it. I’ve been solo almost all of my life. I can do it again.

After a couple weeks, I began to realize, with the help of a new somebody, that while the relationship was wonderful, and he is a great person…there are greener pastures.


Spurred by the breakup, and facilitated by my still hurting foot and lack of a job, I spent an obsessive amount of time on OkCupid that first week after I got back. I went on 6 first dates in 8 days.

The first was fun. We had some awesome fooling around, and have had a handfull of hot sex sessions since, but I think it will soon end like this.

The next date was nice, but was terrifyingly like this. I finally walked out after two of the most boring hours I’ve ever spent on a date.

The next date I’ve already written about. Yeah, that one was lovely. (NOT!)

The next date was really amazing. We totally clicked from the start. It reminded me a lot of my first date with my recent ex…yet was better in a way. Our schedules have totally clashed, so I’ve only seen him once since, but….he’s pretty awesome. 🙂

The next date was ok…but I just wasn’t feeling much attraction…though I think he was. Those situations always feel super awkward for me.

The last date was perfectly decent, but not a “fuck yes.”

There are also a couple more guys I’ve been chatting with but haven’t scheduled a date with yet. I also got back with an ex who had fizzled out a couple months back, which was nice.

Not to mention, one of my best friends, as well as three of the guys mentioned above share the same name. Confusing as hell.


Meanwhile, I’ve been feeling like I want to take a complete shift in careers. I want to be able to be a sex educator of some kind…but I don’t really have any formal training in that department. I’ve been doing a massive amount of volunteering at Planned Parenthood while I’ve been applying to quite a smattering of random jobs, finally finding a temporary, barely-over-minimum-wage, but “fun” job, which will in almost no way pad my resume, but will be a fun way to spend the next couple months. Yeah, we’ll see how it goes from here.

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