Why fluid-bonded sex is, um, “sticky”

This is almost exactly how safe I strive to be. With knowledge comes shivers. You want to be able to relax and enjoy sex, but you also want to keep safe! Stay safe y’all!


Yeah, OK, pun intended. Couldn’t help it.

Sexual health — and particularly safer sex skills — are key considerations in any relationship or connections that involve sexual contact. This is true even for monogamous relationships (because most of them are only ostensibly, not actually, monogamous) as well as for nonmonogamous relationships and more casual encounters. And fluid bonding (having barrier-free sex) can significantly increase most serious STI risks — if you don’t handle it consciously at all times.

Fluid bonding is not something that anyone should embark upon cavalierly or by default, not even monogamous people — not if they care about their own health and that of their partners.

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2 Responses to Why fluid-bonded sex is, um, “sticky”

  1. aggiesez says:

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my post. And of course, when it comes to safer sex, “safe” isn’t just a matter of health or pregnancy prevention. As I mention in the article, it’s also about not setting up certain activities as “tokens” or symbols to stand in for things like territoriality, level of commitment, “how much you love each other,” etc. When people use fluid bonding as a symbol of such stuff, relationship explosions almost always follow, IME.

  2. I really don’t see fluid bonding as a token…STIs and pregnancy aside, I still find condoms more enjoyable (latex fetish perhaps? idk). I’ve only been fluid bonded once, and it never had any explosion, but as always, better safe than sorry, especially with stuff like HIV!

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