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Porn Sex vs. Real Sex Basically….Awesome.

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Update on Life

I have had a very crazy 6 weeks to say the least. Throughout though (minus about 48 hours), I’ve been able to be honestly quite happy and optimistic. Job Six weeks ago, I was fired because I “wasn’t a good … Continue reading

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Nonmonogamy for Men: The Big Picture

Originally posted on freaksexual:
This guide was originally put together as a handout for a class on nonmonogamy aimed at men. Before finishing it, I decided to switch to a “tips” format instead, so I am publishing the portion that…

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Almost Paradise

I’m in a production of the musical Footloose, which is a fucking fantastic rockin’ show for anyone who hasn’t seen it. I love The Girl Gets Around because I like to think it’s about me. But Almost Paradise always reminds … Continue reading

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Polyamory and a Sports Metaphor

Originally posted on Poly Momma:
Imagine you have an acquaintance who is a big soccer fan. They play soccer, sing soccer songs and watch soccer. They love soccer and they talk about their soccer team all the time. One day…

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Why fluid-bonded sex is, um, “sticky”

Originally posted on Solo Poly:
Yeah, OK, pun intended. Couldn’t help it. Sexual health — and particularly safer sex skills — are key considerations in any relationship or connections that involve sexual contact. This is true even for monogamous relationships…

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Rape Culture

I’ve heard the term rape culture being tossed around, and though I tended to agree with the sentiments around it, it was never one of my top issues. It is now. I was raped a couple times by my high … Continue reading

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