Poly Rebounding

Is rebounding a thing in polyamory?

One of my best friends just went through a breakup, and even though he has mutual attraction with someone else, he wants to wait until he’s more over his ex before he starts this new relationship.

I have gone through periods of rebounding; I broke up with someone or otherwise had some sort of heartbreak, and then chased every sexy thing I could find. However, I don’t see how that is really a bad thing (in fact, one could potentially classify my boyfriend as one of my rebounds in a matter of speaking)..

Polyamorists believe that love shouldn’t be restricted. While breakups can definitely suck, and can sometimes indeed put you in a frame of mind where it is unlikely any relationship would work until you are a bit more emotionally recovered, these are not really “typical” breakups.

It is commonly said in the monogamous world that you shouldn’t date someone who is freshly out of a relationship. I really don’t understand this. While there is a possibility that it may be more likely that a person freshly out of a relationship is more likely to only want a casual relationship, and the other person wants something more serious; this is merely a bad match. In a good relationship, poly or otherwise, these expectations should be discussed, rather than discovered in a blowup that makes one or both parties forever avoid “rebound” relationships.

It is very nice to have someone to cuddle with after you go through a breakup, whether or not that person has been there for you all along.

What do you think? Is rebounding real? Should it be avoided?

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One Response to Poly Rebounding

  1. I don’t know, I think rebounding might cause me to consider partners I would not normally consider, and that’s dangerous and to be avoided.. but seeking out connection or being open to connection seems like a good thing to me.

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