I haven’t really felt compersion. Well, maybe, did it count when I was happy to sit in the ER waiting room for hours as my boyfriend was sitting at my metamour’s side? While I am jealous for time and occasionally at boundaries placed on my relationships, I’m rarely otherwise jealous. Yet you hear so much among poly people about compersion being the best part of poly. That is why, though I don’t really identify with the details of it, this post really resonated with me.

A few weeks ago I felt a bit of compersion for the first time. My boyfriend was telling me how it could be hypothetically fun to go out to a club and have a one-night-stand. The entirety of the emotion I felt was, “yeah! That sounds like fun! You should do it!”

I haven’t really been in a position where an established partner of mine has been seeking out a new relationship. Most of my harem have their own pre-existing relationships, and are “full up” after me. However, one of my harem told me about a girl he was crushing on. He asked me if it was weird for me to hear him talk about her – on the contrary! I finally had a chance to cross my fingers for my partner!

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