Intense State of Transition

An acquaintance once used the phrase “my life is in an intense state of transition”…while my transition doesn’t even compare to hers, I feel that phrase fits my present situation quite well. I doubled the number of men I’m involved with, am moving 50 miles away to be closer to most of them and to generally make a much need change in scenery for myself, and looking for a new job in a new field.

Last week, I went on two first dates, had my first interviews, and made my first phone calls inquiring about apartments for rent. This resulted in a brief breakdown of sorts……I’m not one to break down easily!

This week, my lovelife feels more manageable, even though by most people’s standards is through the roof of insanity. I found an apartment and will be moving soon. I also have multiple good job leads.

While of course my harem is very supportive through all this, the person that has had the greatest impact on my sanity and provided the highest level of support is my boss at my current job. How could you ask for someone you can talk to about polyamory, someone who actively helps you in your job search, and offers to help you move…and your boss to boot. I’m too exited about this intense transition to really feel that sad, but no matter where I end up, I will definitely miss seeing my boss, my friend, every day.

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