All About The Sex

*Warning – This post goes into a decent level of detail about my personal sex life.*

Over the years, I’ve read many studies about sex being good for you, and so I am never surprised when I see an article stating that sex increases cardiovascular health, reduces stress, and even lowers your risk of cancer. A friend shared this article with me, and I found it amusing. The sexologist recommends frequency of sex based on age. According to this, the frequency I want sex is right where it should be! However, find me a guy who has time and is interested in that much sex, not to mention a guy I find attractive. Good luck with that.

I’ve always had a higher sex drive than any guy I’ve dated, and have never been able to have sex as much as my ideal, even with multiple simultaneous partners. I completely understand and support couples who turn to polyamory because they realize their sex drives don’t match. Getting less sex than I’d ideally have doesn’t generally bother me much, especially because I know I’m near my threshold of relationships I can emotionally support, even though I’ve never been all that much of a fan of masturbation. To quote my boyfriend, “compared to sex, masturbation is like being punched in the junk.” Don’t get me wrong, I do it probably somewhere around average for a girl (I’m pretty sure there are no accurate studies of how often women masturbate). IMO though, the Wahl is totally better than the Hitachi, though I still have yet to experiment with any separate attachments.

Last week, I exchanged the birth control pills I’d been on for 9 years for the Mirena IUD. Aside from initial cramping, which has been a bitch, though tolerable, the IUD has as well as no side effects and often after a couple months, periods go away completely! No-maintenance birth control and no periods! Sweet! And in another week or so, the residual hormones from the pills will be out of my system and I’ll be able to say good-bye to the side effect of weight gain I’ve lived with for the last 9 years…as well as the effect of reduced libido. Ever since I was 15, I’ve been on a medication that reduces libido. And I already have a fucking insane sex drive. What. The. Fuck. Hello world, get ready for CRAZY HORNY ME! lol

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