I recently got a nice message on OkCupid, so even though I’m not really looking, I replied, looked through his profile, and updated my profile to clarify that I’m poly, into Dr. Who and board games, and a couple other new things. Before I know it, there are almost constant pop-ups showing up saying that people are visiting my profile, and my inbox (and therefore also my email inbox) is filling itself up faster than I can read through them! While there were a couple that just said, “You’re beautiful,” most actually were semi-thoughtful messages.

Why is it that I got such a constant stream of messages? If I was a 20% match with most of them, and they weren’t especially close to my location, how and why did they find me and message me? I suppose it is better to get lots of messages than none, but how is it that I get just so many messages?!

I’ve determined that I’m not really sure I want another semi serious relationship, but I’m potentially open to a “tertiary” type relationship. We’ll just see what happens I guess.

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6 Responses to OkCupid

  1. Isis Galaxy says:

    are you a bisexual woman? doesn’t hurt to look at you? You will get a lot of messages!

  2. LOL, come on with a profile that screams “hot nerd chick” how can any of us who have dreamed of finding a real life Velma Jinkies not line up to try to by your Shaggy. If I were looking (and younger) I’d respond to that profile.
    My wife uses both OK cupid and SLS so I understand the process.
    One question, do the OK Cupid people get the idea of poly v. swinger? I usually write the profiles for both SLS & OK cupid while she actually manages the messages sets up dates ect. In the past I have tried to describe our poly interests without using the word poly. Do you think people would get it if I just said we are looking for poly lovers rather than casual sex partners?

  3. Haha good point. Problem is, while I’m definitely not really looking for swinging partners, I’m not looking for anything in particular. I’m not looking, but I’m not not looking. So wtf am I supposed to write?

  4. MadCatter says:

    I messaged you right after you logged off that night lol. Although we live near each other and are a high match and most likely looking for the same time commitment. I read your entire blog before I messaged you and that is what made me really want to get to know you better.

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