Famous Poly People

There are a variety of sources of lists of people who are poly or in open marriages. Here are a few of the historic figures I think are the coolest!

Amelia Earheart

Amelia Earhart – Early woman aviator, one of my early idols. She was too independent to be in a monogamous relationship, and after she died, her husband turned right around and married one of his other lovers.

Bob Crane

Bob Crane – Bob Crane has been one of my dead celebrity crushes for a while. He is the super hottie who plays Colonel Robert Hogan in the show Hogan’s Heroes. He’s also a professional drummer, which makes him all the more extra sexy.

Will Smith

Will Smith – Comedian and actor. Does this really surprise anyone? I think it’s cool though that it’s public knowledge; poly is such a hidden thing most of the time.


J.F. Kennedy – The man who pushed the US to go to the moon! He was beyond his time in more ways than one!


Shostakovitch – One of the more awesome composers, Oh yeah!

Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood – Is this really a surprise?

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