Planned Parenthood

I began volunteering at Planned Parenthood recently, and just completed the required STI training class. Planned Parenthood is such a wonderful sex-positive environment! It’s not kinky, which I appreciate, but of course everyone is sex-positive and fine with kink and any other choices people make in relation to sex.

When I showed up to the workshop, there was a basket of free condoms, and some people weren’t shy about taking LOTS of them! I mentioned that I was polyamorous, and it was accepted matter-of-factly. People thought it’s awesome that I’ve have a database of guys I’ve been with, and I even inspired a couple people to create their own spreadsheets. During one of the exercises, people reacted, thinking 5 was “on the low side” to “exceptionally low” for number of sex partners for a 27 year old. Those participants in the class with HSV1 came out about it and talked openly about their medications.

All that awesomeness aside…how can 1.5 hours of chatting about STIs ever be a bad thing? 😀 I absolutely love talking about sex, and there’s nothing better than being somewhere where that is not only acceptable, but also encouraged!

I’m a fan of Planned Parenthood on Facebook, and they tend to post really fun things. This post in particular caught my eye; I wonder how many people who commented on it are poly. 🙂

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