Dancing is like Sex: Amazing, Exhausting, Exhiliarating

I spent this weekend at a Lindy Hop festival. I fucking love to dance. Almost as much as I love sex! Lindy is very free, yet it does have enough structure for there to be skills and patterns to learn. Lindy is the only dance I’m especially experienced at, but I will definitely say: Lindy is a lot like sex. I like my dancing like I like my sex: let me list the ways….

  • I like to follow someone else’s lead
  • I like to mainly stick to moves I know, but sometimes spice it up with something completely new, even if it’s hard to follow
  • It’s best with constant, intense involvement
  • I like to be spun around ’til I’m dizzy
  • You’re always on your toes
  • It gets HOT
  • I like to be watched
  • I like to occasionally put on the spot to do my own thing
  • It requires a little bit of skill and a lot of intuition
  • No dance is exactly the same
  • You’re sore afterwards, but it’s ok because every time you feel it, you remember how awesome it was
  • Vibrating massagers are amazing
  • It’s best when you’re relaxed
  • Best with two people, but can also be great solo or with more people
  • Eye contact can be amazing or awkward. Having your eyes closed and focussing on the physical connection can also be wonderful.
  • Trust in your partner makes it a lot better
  • High energy
  • Feel a strong connection with your partner
  • Even if you’re following, you need to be fully present, alert and engaged
  • Variety in partners can be awesome, but so can building a really strong connection with a few specific partners

But don’t get me wrong, blues dancing with the right person can be just as good, if not better than some hot and heavy swing. 😉

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