Meeting the Family

The day I met my boyfriend’s poly family was the most amazing experience!

When I got to the door, my boyfriend opened the door immediately, and said, “I don’t think introductions are really necessary,” since he had told me so much about their family. His wife came straight up to me and gave me a really good hug, saying she’d heard lots of good things about me. She is outgoing and really really nice. I knew she would be, but she exceeded any expectation I’d had.

The evening was handled with a sense of humor and openness that seems like the absolute ideal of polyamory. I already knew my boyfriend was awesome, and his wife gave the most amazing first impression ever…her two boyfriends both seem pretty cool too; an amazing polyamerous family!

My boyfriend’s wife’s non-primary boyfriend left after a couple hours, but I of course wanted to stay as long as appropriate, so I stayed with the trio for a while longer and watched TV. As soon as he had left, she cuddled up with her live-in boyfriend, and I sat next to my boyfriend holding his hand. It was wonderful. My Happy Poly Moment of the Year! 🙂

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One Response to Meeting the Family

  1. dear says:

    The boyfriends of my boyfriend’s wife 🙂

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